Louisiana Live Poker

Louisiana has a vibrant and colorful history of gambling, both legal and illicit.

Louisiana’s tryst with gambling began in the 1700s. The state opened its first casino in the 1750s, even amidst an active ban on gambling. This spirit of embracing gambling persisted, and by the 1800s, Louisiana was among the pioneers in launching a national lottery and legalizing horse racing betting.

In 1823, New Orleans had six casinos licensed by the Louisiana legislature. Interestingly, there was even a street named “Craps” (now Burgundy Street) in honor of the dice game introduced by French settlers. However, by 1835, the licensing of casinos was repealed, but many casinos continued to operate illegally.

The 1990s marked a significant turning point for poker in Louisiana. In 1991, the state passed legislation allowing restaurants, bars, and truck stops to host video poker machines. By 1993, riverboat casinos were legalized, leading to the opening of Cypress Pines Casino in Charenton shortly after.

Illegal casinos and card games, which once thrived in New Orleans and its surrounding areas, as well as on Mississippi riverboats, have now found a legal home in downtown New Orleans and many of the state’s major waterways.

Today, Louisiana is home to numerous land-based card rooms that organize regular poker events. The state has hosted some of the largest poker tournaments globally. Most of the regulations from the 1990s are still in effect today, allowing residents to play land-based table poker and video poker machines across the state. The legal gambling age in Louisiana is 21.

Louisiana has been a host to significant poker events, including the WSOP Circuit, which has taken place in venues like Harrah’s New Orleans.